This Detector Can Save Your Life

A fire inside your house is scary enough, but can you imagine a threat that you can’t even see? Carbon monoxide is one of these invisible dangers— and it can quickly cause serious harm or death.

What Is CO?

Carbon monoxide, abbreviated to CO, is odorless and colorless. When fuel burns in a car, small engine, stove, lantern, grill, fireplace, or furnace, it produces CO. If unregulated — for example, if a car is left running in a garage— it can build up inside a house or other closed area.

Poisoning can be fatal to anyone, but infants, elderly people, and people with breathing problems are the most likely to fall victim. Every year, more than 400 people die from accidental exposure, and more than 4,000 are hospitalized. Since CO is invisible, many people don’t realize its presence until it’s too late. Oftentimes, victims are asleep. Intoxication might also prevent someone from being aware of the symptoms.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the symptoms of CO poisoning are often flu-like. They include headaches, nausea and vomiting, dizziness and weakness, chest pains, and confusion. If someone breaths in too much CO, they may fall unconscious. If someone is showing these symptoms, it’s important to get them, and anyone else in the area, outside immediately.

Get A CO Detector!

Early this morning at a Tampa condo complex, the ever-present threat of CO became a reality. Around 4 AM, Tampa police and firefighters were called to the condos after a resident’s CO detector alerted her to the issue. When they arrived, the police found a high amount of CO, along with a woman and her dog unresponsive in one of the condos. Thanks to timely medical attention, both the woman and the dog will survive. The cause was a running car in a resident’s garage.

Since the accident happened so early in the morning, when many people were likely asleep, this situation can have quickly turned fatal. This story shows the importance of CO detectors. These detectors are inexpensive, and last for around five years. A detector can keep you updated on the amount of CO in your home, and will sound an alarm if the levels are high. Like a smoke detector, they can save a life.

If your house or apartment doesn’t have a detector, go out and get one! Carbon monoxide is a scary concept, but it’s easily preventable.


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