A Kardashian Adds To The Child Car Seat Debate

These days, it seems like no one can escape the ubiquity of Kim Kardashian West and famous siblings. They’re everywhereeven we’ve blogged about them before. While their shenanigans may seem vapid or annoying, the latest news, which involves the child car seat debate, actually sheds light on an important safety issue.

The debate began when Kardashian West posted a picture of her son on Facebook. While plenty of people commented on how adorable 18-month-old Saint is, others were quick to point out a mistake. In the image, the baby’s car seat is facing forward, rather than toward the seat.

The Car Seat Debate

According to most researchers, babies should not sit in a forward-facing car seat. Because babies have developing spinal cords and adorably large heads, they are at a high risk of fatal injury. In an accident,  a front-facing baby may stretch forward, causing serious damage to their spinal cord. If they are facing backwards, their head and neck are protected by the car seat.

Generally, a young child should stay in a rear-facing seat until the age of two, or until they reach around 35 pounds. Even after the age of two, children should always stay in the backseat. In the front, airbags pose a critical hazard.

Some commenters pointed out that we don’t know Kardashian West’s exact situation, and shouldn’t resort to “mommy-shaming.” Maybe Saint weighs more than 35 pounds. Or maybe it was just a promotional shot, and the car wasn’t actually in motion. Regardless, it has increased awareness of proper car seat safety, and for that, we actually have to thank Kim Kardashian West a little bit!


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