Nothing to Smile About: Mouth Injuries After a Car Accident

After a car accident, there isn’t much to smile about . . . especially if you have a mouth injury! While damage to the teeth, mouth, or jaw might not seem like a big deal, mouth injuries from car accidents can have big consequences—not just for a victim’s smile, but also for their health, happiness, and finances.

During a car accident, there are many factors that might cause mouth injuries. A victim might hit their face against the window during the impact of the collision or be thrust forward into the steering wheel. When someone is jerked around in their vehicle during impact, they could come into contact with objects like the steering wheel, dashboard, or other passengers.

Types of Mouth Injuries After a Car Accident

When someone experiences traumatic contact to the mouth or face, an array of injuries can occur:

  • Tooth avulsion, which is when a tooth is completely knocked out of its socket
  • Tooth luxation, or loosening of a tooth within its socket
  • Fractured teeth, including damage to the enamel, dentin, or pulp layers of the tooth
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), an issue with the hinges in the jaw that causes pain and stiffness
  • Broken or dislocated jaw
  • Cuts to the tongue, cheeks, or other soft areas of the mouth
  • Facial bruising around the mouth and jaw

Some mouth injuries, like bruising or cuts, heal with time and mild treatment, while other injuries are traumatic emergencies. In some instances, like with an avulsed tooth, the damage can be irreparable. As the result of a mouth injury, victims might permanently lose teeth or experience chronic jaw pain.

The Impact of Mouth Injuries

Since the mouth plays a vital role, a mouth injury can have a dramatic impact on daily life. For people who rely on verbal communication, their ability to perform their job could be temporarily hindered. This could lead to lost wages. For people who enjoy hobbies like singing, debate, or playing a woodwind or brass instrument, a mouth injury can impact their ability to enjoy their favorite things.

When mouth injuries affect speech or appearance, it can also have an impact on a person’s social and professional life. Embarrassment over their appearance might cause them to miss out on opportunities, like applying for a new job or a family reunion. This means that mouth injuries do not just have physical consequences, but also emotional ones.

When it comes to mouth injuries, there is far more at risk than a friendly smile!


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