Can Humans Evolve to Survive Car Accidents?

In our 200,000 years of history, humans have undergone quite the transformation! Aside from evolving to look distinctly different than our earliest relatives, we’ve also developed the ability to drink milk, gained better resistance to certain diseases, and even discovered that some body parts, like the appendix, don’t play any useful role. As the world has changed and modernized around us, we’ve adapted to better fit in with our surroundings. We’ve also learned how to embrace the things that benefit us and avoid the things that put us in danger.

One thing we haven’t quite mastered, though? Surviving car accidents.

A Leading Cause of Death

With 1.3 million fatalities every year, car accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States. This is because our bodies simply aren’t well-equipped to handle traumatic impacts at high speeds. With easily breakable necks, little padding to protect our internal organs, and plenty of external features, we just don’t have the right bodies for surviving a serious car crash.

To prevent car accidents fatalities, the best thing you can do is to drive safely on the roads. But what if humans could do something more to increase their chances of surviving a car accident? What if we could evolve to survive a car accident?

How Could Humans Survive a Car Accident?

To answer this question, a team of scientists in Australia constructed a model of a highly evolved man in 2016. They nicknamed him Graham, and it’s safe to say that he doesn’t have a face suited for a fashion magazine. With a large skull, thickened skin, no neck, and external sacs on his ribs, Graham is a far cry from modern humanity.

Introducing “Graham”

But while he might not be very pretty, Graham’s features would be able to protect him during a car accident. His larger skull would shield his brain from a traumatic impact. His lack of a neck means that he would be unlikely to suffer from a broken neck or spinal trauma. Meanwhile, the air-filled sacs on his ribs would offer extra airbag-like protection, preventing damage to his bones and internal organs. And his tough skin means that he would be less likely to suffer from cuts, bruises, or other abrasions.

Graham, who was constructed mainly out of silicone and human hair, was on display at the State Library of Victoria for a year in 2016, followed by a road trip throughout Australia. While he never made it over to the United States, his strange features still sparked a conversation about car accidents.

Humans have grown to face many challenges throughout our long history, and in the features, maybe we will develop features that help us better survive car accidents and other traumatic injuries. But until we have external rib sacs or no neck, the best thing we can do is keep the roads safe for everyone!


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