What NOT to do at the Scene of a Car Accident

In many of our blogs, we talk about what you SHOULD do after a car accident. But after a car accident, there are also many things that you SHOULD NOT do. Let’s take a look at a few things you should never do after a car accident.

After an accident, you should not . . .

  • Fail to call the police. For a minor accident, it might seem like overkill to get the police involved. But by getting a police report on record, you will have better information to give to your insurance company.
  • Forget to take pictures of the scene. It’s important to get pictures of the vehicles, the damage, and any road conditions, like an obstacle in the road. Like the police report, this evidence will make filing a claim much easier.
  • Forget to get the other driver’s information. You should get their name and contact information, as well as their insurance information.
  • Try to assign blame at the scene of the accident. It might be tempting to accuse the other driver of causing the accident, but leave that for the insurance company or an attorney to decide.
  • Put off seeking medical care. Even if your injuries are minor, or if you feel like you are not injured, it is still critical to go see a doctor after a car accident. Many injuries, particularly deep tissue injuries like whiplash, do not manifest until hours, days, or even weeks after an accident, but a doctor can diagnose an issue in a timely manner. Additionally, if you do not seek treatment but later develop an accident-related injury, the other driver might argue that because you did not seek treatment, you are not really injured.
  • Give a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company. Anything you say in a recorded statement can later be used against you, so refrain from talking to the other driver’s insurance company.

An Attorney Can Help!

The hours and days after a car accident can be a painful, stressful, and confusing time. In the time following a car accident, it is normal to feel lost or helpless. If you need assistance after an accident, contact an experienced attorney who can help you through the complicated process!


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