Truck Plunges into Hillsborough River in Downtown Tampa

According to a report by Bay News 9 Tampa Police are investigating an auto accident where a vehicle crashed into the Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa.

The truck went into the Hillsborough River from the Brorein Street Bridge near Bayshore Blvd. A Tampa Fire Rescue boat crew safely removed two men in the truck from the river.

The driver of the auto accident was identified as Dwayne Andre Duke Jr., 22. His passenger was identified as 30-year-old  Zachary Zachariades.

According to the Tampa Police, around 8:30 a.m., the driver was crossing the Brorein Street Bridge when he attempted to change lanes. Traffic slowed down in front of him making him swerve back to his original lane.  The driver lost control of the vehicle, hit the guard rail and went over the side of the bridge.

The driver and his passenger climbed on top of the truck. Both men were taken to Tampa General Hospital with minor injuries.

The Tampa Police Department Dive Team and Marine Unit, along with Stepps Towing, towed the vehicle out of the water.  Police said the driver Dwayne Duke will be cited with careless driving.

The driver and passenger were very lucky to only suffered minor injuries in the auto accident. Crashing into water is like hitting a brick wall.  If you are ever in an auto accident that has left you in water, remember one very important tip, roll down your windows immediately!  You have only a few minutes to get out of your car! Even if you are in water, your electric windows will continue to work for a few minutes.

It only takes seconds for an auto accident to happen.  The law firm of Perenich, Caulfield, Avril & Noyes understands what it takes to see you through the aftermath of an accident.  Call us for a FREE consultation today.

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