Snow in Florida Brings Excitement – and Cold Weather Dangers

Today, some Floridians stepped outside to see a strange sight: snow! Thanks to the frigid weather sweeping across the northeastern United States, the result of “bombogenesis,” our usually sunny state is seeing chilly temperatures, sleet, and in Tallahassee, even actual snowfall!

What is Bombogenesis?

Essentially a winter hurricane, bombogenesis occurs when a storm quickly drops in atmospheric pressure. The lower the pressure is, the stronger the storm will be. These storms are referred to as “bombs” because of how furiously they form over land, and nor’easters, powerful storms that rock the northeast coast, are a byproduct of this phenomenon.

Bombogenesis certainly sounds ominous, and winter storms can quickly turn deadly. 11 people have died as a result of the dropping temperatures, with deaths reported in Texas, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Missouri. At least two of the victims were homeless. There have also been various reports of pets left outside, including a dog in Connecticut that was found frozen. Car accidents are also likely to increase during this kind of weather. So far, though, there haven’t been any reported traffic fatalities as a result of this winter’s storm.

Cold Weather Hazards

Even in Florida, the sudden chill is causing issues. Officials in Tallahassee have been forced to shut down roads and schools. They have also warned people to limit the time they spend outside. Even in the Tampa Bay area, where it hasn’t snowed since 1977, temperatures dropping into the low 40s have cancelled outdoor events, and rain has made the roads particularly slippery. The cold temperatures are a nice change of pace and we’re sure the snow is exciting in Tallahassee, but it’s important for Floridians to be aware of icy roads, cold exposure, and other winter storm hazards.

The cold will only last for a few more days in Florida. But since weather is unpredictable, always be prepared. Regardless of where you live, here are some cold weather tips to keep you safe and warm:

  • Wear layers of clothing, and don’t forget a hat and gloves if you’re venturing outside
  • After being in the cold, immediately change out of any wet or damp clothes
  • Bring pets inside
  • Provide shelter and unfrozen water for animals that can’t be let into the house, like horses or other farm animals
  • When using a space heater, keep it at least three feet away from all objects, including drapes, clothes, and bedding
  • Always turn off space heaters or put out any fireplace fires before leaving a room or going to bed
  • Never use a generator inside
  • Never warm up a vehicle in an enclosed area, like a garage
  • Follow the speed limit and give yourself plenty of time to brake, since the roads might be slippery
  • Be particularly careful on curves, hills, and bridges

Stay Warm!

Let’s hope that this cold weather leaves us soon, so that we can get right back to our beachy weather! But for now, drive safe, bundle up, and stay cozy!


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