BMW driver killed in fatal truck accident in Florida

In Florida, there are always semi-trucks and large vehicles traveling on the highways. Recently, an fatal accident between a semitrailer and sedan resulted in questions about how easy it is for professional drivers to keep their licenses, even with a history of bad driving. Truck accidents due to driver fatigue are somewhat common, and that can be dangerous for those on the roads; add in infractions of other types, and you could be looking at very dangerous driving situations.

The Florida Highway Patrol reported that the accident that happened on Feb. 12 resulted in a semi striking a BMW. The accident caused the semi to overturn and the BMW to plunge into the Alafia River. The driver of the BMW passed away. The man driving the semi allegedly had a terrible driving history that showed he had over 12 infractions over the last 10 years.

Under the laws of Florida, even if you have a poor driving history, that can’t stop you from seeking new and separate licenses to drive commercial vehicles, according to the news. Even though the semi driver had allegedly had five speeding violations since 2002, only two involved his commercial vehicle. Those were minor, according to the news, and you’re required to have two serious offenses within three years before you’ll even have to face a license suspension for commercial vehicles.

In this case, the circumstances of the accident are allegedly unclear because the sedan driver had four citations since 2010. An investigation could take months before a conclusion is made on the cause of the accident. However, because of the seriousness of the accident, the news that truckers may not have their licenses revoked even with a personal history of poor driving has become an issue. It’s thought that if personal driving histories were used to determine commercial drivers’ liability and penalties, the roads in Florida could be safer.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Editorial: Toughen standards on commercial drivers” No author given, Feb. 17, 2014

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