Biking Weather Is Here!

It’s is the Perfect Time for Bicycling!bicycle & vehicle accident

Are you loving this cooler weather? The oppressive heat of summer is finally melting away, ushering in the perfect season for outdoor activities. In our area, biking is a particularly popular pastime, thanks to our great local trails. Bicycling is a perfect way to get exercise and fresh air and have fun, all at once!

Now that biking weather is here, let’s review some important safety tips and laws from the Florida Statutes to help avoid bicycling accidents this season.

How to Avoid Bicycling Accidents

  • Anyone riding a bicycle has all the rights (and therefore, all the duties) of someone driving any other vehicle, like a car or motorcycle. A bicyclist is expected to obey all traffic laws, but they also have the right, just like everyone else, to be safe while on the roads.
  • A person operating a bicycle should not ride anywhere other than the permanent and regular seat of the bicycle. Don’t let anyone else ride on the handlebars of the bicycle, either. It obscures your vision, and puts the other person in a more dangerous position in the event of a bicycle accident.
  • Similarly to not letting people sit on the handlebars, you should also not carry more than one person at a time on your bike. However, an adult may hold a child who is under four years old, or weighs less than 40 pounds.
  • When not in immediate control of the bicycle, an operator should not allow a passenger to remain in a child seat or carrier. The bike could roll away, or be hit by other vehicle if left unattended.
  • All bicycle riders under the age of 16 must wear a helmet. While helmet laws do not necessarily apply to adults, it is important for everyone to wear a helmet! In the event of a collision, a helmet can protect you from serious brain damage.

Know the rules, avoid bicycle accidents, be safe, and enjoy the weather!


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