Speeding Driver Kills Pedestrian on Bayshore Boulevard

When you’re trying to make it through a yellow light or pass another driver, the desire to speed can be tantalizing.  But an accident yesterday in Tampa is just another tragic reminder of what we already knew: speeding kills.

Accident Claims Life on Bayshore Boulevard

The accident happened on Wednesday afternoon on Bayshore Boulevard near downtown Tampa. With wide sidewalks and a waterfront view, Bayshore Boulevard is a popular destination for pedestrians and bikers. Lined with historic homes and interesting restaurants, it’s also a popular destination for tourists.

The victim in yesterday’s accident was one of these visitors—a young mother and her baby daughter, visiting from Ohio. While pushing her 21-month-old daughter in a stroller across an intersection, she was hit by a speeding car. The mother, who was 24 years old, died at a nearby hospital. The infant passed away a day later after suffering critical injuries.

Three drivers were arrested in the aftermath of the accident: the 18-year-old driver of one vehicle, along with his 20-year old passenger, and the 17-year-old driver of the other vehicle. The young drivers were allegedly racing down the street at high speeds. Both drivers face charges of street racing, vehicular homicide, and reckless driving resulting in serious bodily injury. The passenger was charged with street racing. His arrest was based on a law in Florida Statutes that states that a person may not knowingly ride as a passenger in a race, competition, contest, test, or exhibition.

A Dangerous Area for Pedestrians

Speeding has long been an issue on Bayshore Boulevard, according to the Tampa Bay Times.  After a jogger’s death in 2004, the city took steps to address pedestrian safety. At the time, this included the addition of bicycle lanes and better signage. Still, as drivers often speed well above the 40 miles per hour speed limit, Bayshore Boulevard remains a dangerous area. The lack of crosswalks only makes the situation worse. In the area where Wednesday’s accident occurred, there were no crosswalks for a two mile stretch of the sidewalk. Though there are areas with pedestrian ramps that allow pedestrians to legally enter the intersection, the lack of official crosswalks forces many pedestrians to quickly make their way across the street during breaks in traffic.

Between speeding drivers and the lack of crosswalks, Bayshore Boulevard can be a dangerous place for pedestrians, despite the wide, welcoming sidewalks and the peaceful view. While this week’s accident is a terrible tragedy, it is also hopefully a reminder to drivers to slow down. Bayshore Boulevard is a beautiful area and everyone, drivers and pedestrians alike, should be able to enjoy that—safe driving helps that happen.


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