Baby Safety Month!

 Baby Safety Month!

When you’re a new parent or guardian, the idea of caring for a tiny human can be daunting. Babies are more resilient than we think they are. Still, there are plenty of dangers to worry about, like burns, falling furniture, or choking hazards in toys.  Be aware of these dangers, and you are on the right track to keeping your baby safe and happy!

Useful tips

  • Place safety barriers around fireplaces, ovens, and furnaces
  • Keep small electronics (like remote controls, calculators, and even musical greeting cards) out of reach of babies and small children. If they ingest a battery, it can lead to serious sickness
  • Check all toys for small parts or other potential choking hazards. Supervise your baby when she is playing
  • Your baby should not eat any hard, round foods, like grapes, nuts, popcorn, and hard candy. These kinds of foods are the most likely to become a choking hazard
  • Secure all furniture to prevent it from tipping over. Secure your TV. Every 45 minutes, a child visits the ER with injuries from a fallen TV
  • Use safety gates at the tops and bottoms of stairs
  • Cover all electrical outlets around your house
  • Never leave your baby alone in a parked car. They can suffer heatstroke even within a few minutes
  • Keep any potentially hazardous household chemicals and items away from your baby. This includes obvious items like bleach and other cleaning chemicals. Laundry detergent packets, art supplies, and makeup can also prove hazardous if ingested or improperly handled. Similarly, keep all medicines safety stored. Make sure any visitors to your house are aware of the dangers of mishandled medications.  49% of accidental poisonings occur because a child ingests medicine from a grandparent or other relative
  • Make sure your baby sleeps on her back to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Be sure that the baby’s crib is safe and secure. Look for possible areas where the baby could fall or get stuck. Remove any suffocation hazards

Be Prepared

Be prepared, educated, and aware, and can will prevent any danger. Being a new parent or guardian is stressful, but with proper prevention, you will do great!


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