Robbery Risks At The ATM

ATMs can be dangerous, but not necessarily for the reason you might think. ATMs, or automated teller machines, are specialized computers at banks that allow people to withdraw money or make deposits. Since it is so easy to just swipe your card and see the money pour out of the machine, ATMs can lead people to be overzealous in their withdrawing without considering the consequences.

ATM Risks

But ATMs can lead to personal injury issues, too. When someone approaches an ATM to withdraw money, they can become an easy target for someone looking to commit a robbery or assault. Many people use ATMs outside of normal banking hours, which means that they are often alone when withdrawing  money, or using the ATM at night or other unsupervised part of the day. This makes ATM users especially vulnerable. During an ATM robbery, a thief may steal cash or credit cards, or demand that the victim withdraw more money. While some incidents only result in money or property theft, many robberies turn violent, leaving victims with injuries like broken bones, abrasions or bruising, or head trauma.

A Foreseeable Danger?

When people are withdrawing money, it seems foreseeable that they could become the victim of a robbery. Therefore, banks should take special precautions to avoid a foreseeable incident. The safety precautions taken by a bank could include:

  • Security codes that only allow patrons of the bank to enter an enclosed ATM vestibule
  • Security cameras or onsite security
  • Proper lighting
  • Having the ATM in an area that is accessible, but not secluded
  • Listening to any safety concerns from customers, and taking timely action to address such concerns

Taking Action

Sometimes, these precautions are not carried out properly. When a bank is negligent or inadequate in their safety measures, consumers can face harm like robbery, sexual assault, or physical assault. An injured consumer may have a premise liability case if

  • The bank or business had a duty to provide a safe environment
  • That duty was breached through recklessness or negligence
  • The breach of duty lead to injury or harm
  • The consumer suffered actual injuries as a result of the breach of duty

Withdrawing money from an ATM is something many people do on a daily basis. People should not have to worry about a robbery or assault when they are sampling withdrawing money, and banks should always take proper precautions to keep their clients safe.


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