Rock star accused of DUI in fatal motor vehicle accident

Robert Todd Harrell, the 41-year-old bassist of the band 3 Doors Down, has been accused of driving under the influence and causing a crash that took the life of a 47-year-old motorist. The fatal car accident occurred in the Nashville area of Hermitage when Harrell was allegedly speeding on Interstate 40.

Police say that Harrell was traveling west at a high speed when he clipped a pickup truck, knocking it out of control. The truck struck a guardrail and overturned while traveling down the embankment. The victim was ejected during the crash and was pronounced dead at an area hospital. Harrell’s car hit a concrete wall about a quarter-mile from the scene.

The rock band member was observed by police to show signs of impairment during field sobriety tests. He allegedly admitted that he had been consuming alcohol and taking prescription drugs. Harrell was charged with vehicular homicide by intoxication. He remains in jail on the charges under a $100,000 bond. In separate charges, he was also accused of bringing controlled substances into the jail when a plastic bag filled with pills was found in his sock.

Drivers who drink or use drugs and then get behind the wheel can cause very serious accidents. Victims of these accidents, or their surviving family members, may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver. It is very important for victims and survivors to protect their own rights in these situations, as many insurance companies attempt to deny payments when drivers are drunk. Some victims or family members turn to a personal injury attorney to assist them in collecting compensation for their losses.

Source: NBC Miami, “3 Doors Down member charged in fatal crash,” Apr. 21, 2013

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