Hit and Run in Pinellas Park

Last night, June 11th 2015, there was a hit-and-run in Pinellas Park. A pedestrian was killed by a driver late Thursday evening. It happened one block off of US 19 at 11:13 PM. These types of cases are very sad because pedestrians are not protected by a motor vehicle and are seriously injured, or killed. The other issue is that drivers also make a conscious decision to leave the poor person they hit, left to die. We would like to think that your average person has better moral compass than this, but that’s not always the case.

This is why it is so important for witnesses to call the police and to take down any information about the accident. Not only could the offending party be facing prison time, but they should also be liable for the injuries they caused. If you witness of a hit-and-run call 911 and make sure that the injured party receives medical care immediately, then you should take down the vehicles license plate number and description. Stay at the scene or leave your contact information with someone so the police can talk to you.

Sometimes the fleeing vehicle can be tracked down with good detective work, other times the perpetrator gets away.  If we can find them we will open a case against them, however more often than not these people are fleeing the scene of an accident because they don’t have car insurance, suspended license, or they are intoxicated. No matter what they case is we always look into it, we do anything we can to help our clients.

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